Thank you Stephanie Bohn, Kelley Coleman & Mark Woodsmall, Esq. 
for sharing your insights during the webinar. 
Here is a summary of the information that was shared and some additional links and resources: 

- Summary - 
Funding your Live-in Developmental
Childcare Solution in 2022 via
California’s Self-Determination Program (SDP) 
If you already have a great Childcare Solution in place, the SDP will help you with funding. 
If you don't have a consistent, high qualify childcare solution in place, 
we recommend starting your search for a care giver as soon as possible or at the same time as you start your SDP funding process. 
This will give you the time you need to get everything set up for the long run.  
How to Get Started in Six Easy Steps
  • 1) Become a Regional Center client. Websites below list more information on eligibility. Regional Center is a social service for those with qualifying disabilities. 
  • 2) Tell your Regional Center coordinator in writing that you would like to enter the Self Determination Program (SDP). 
  • 3) Attend your Regional Center’s SDP orientation. Their website will have this information, and it will likely be virtual. You MUST do this in order to enter. 
  • 4) Request your budget for the past 12 months from your Regional Center coordinator. Always in writing. This is the amount of money allotted to the client for the past 12 months, not simply how much was spent. 
  • 5) Consider your Child's Unmet Needs. The past 12 month budget is a great starting place but also keep in mind that you can raise additional needs, not currently covered in your IPP, for inclusion in your SDP budgeting. Start by identifying your child's global needs and compare your list with the current goals and services of your IPP.
  • 6) Your coordinator and/or Regional Center SDP specialists will give you more information on proceeding, including formulating a person centered plan, spending plan, and potential resources such as Independent Facilitators and Financial Managers. 
Author: Kelley Coleman, Contributor: Mark Woodsmall, Esq 
 Last updated: 01/15/2022    

Additional Resources: 
Disability Voices United is a great place to start and a great place to get clear information, including regular virtual informational meetings. 

Attorney Mark Woodsmall, Esq., who is passionate and dedicated to protecting the rights of children and adults with disabilities for over 20 years. Our founding host dad, who hired our first Occupational Therapist for his son with Autism. 

Mark Woodsmall, Esq 
Woodsmall Law Group, PC
2076 Lincoln Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 440-0028, ext. 100

This is the summary from our webinar in Jan 2022, with with three host parents who have personal experience that it is possible to receive funding for your Apex Care Professional Developmental Childcare Solution. 
Now you know how to help fund your child care. 
Next, let's talk about: 
Finding your Live-in Developmental Childcare Solution
A Big Thank You to the Ruxin Family in 
San Francisco for sharing their story
Watch how Sandra, a 25-year-old German Occupational Therapist helped Trevor as an Apex Care Professional 

Step by Step 
Hiring an Apex Care Professional as your Live-in Developmental Childcare Solution

  • 1) Watch our videos, why families join us and stay with us, how their children and the entire family benefited from having Apex Care Professional support. Decide if you can imagine welcoming a young professional into your family, enjoy a cultural exchange, treat them on par like an extended family member, while respecting their privacy needs as a young adult. This might be a solution for you. 
  • 2) Start your application & schedule a consultation to be accepted into the Apex Social Group - Developmental Child Care Program.
  • 3) Attend a webinar with Apex Social Group Family Advisory to learn about the program requirements and best practice to successful host a live-in Care Professional.
  • 4) Interview Apex Care Professional candidates with a degree and/or experience in fields such as nursing, teaching, OT, PT, SLP and special education that meets your child's needs. 
  • 5) Apex Processes all the documents for travel, visa etc. 
  • 6) Your Live-in Care Professional arrives. 
  • 7) Apex provides ongoing support thru out the year 

How does Apex Developmental Live-in Childcare Solution work for other parents?

- Autism - 

Meet Ben,
Hingham, MA

Bianca came to the US at age 25 and after her two years on the program serving Ben, she got her PhD in Occupational Therapy and now works as a research fellow at Harvard University. 
- Autism - 

Meet Mikey
Baltimore, MD

Julia came at age 24 and now is working on her Master's degree in Germany to become a Teacher at a School for future Occupational Therapists. She also started an OT practice in Hannover with another former Apex Care Professional serving children with Autism. 
- Developmental Delays - 

Meet Kai
Frisco, TX

Lydia served Kai when she was 23. She added a BA in Social Work and is now working with refugees in Germany. 
Learn more about Live-in Apex Care Professionals

Apex Social Group 

Unlock children's greatest potential by integrating skilled Care Professionals 
into their family's daily life

Our talented people are at an early stage of their professional career 
and grew up in Europe and across the United States
If you would like welcome a young professional into your home and 
you enjoy cultural exchange on top of quality care, then let's talk. 

We are accepting applications from families for 
2022 Apex Social - Developmental Live-in Childcare Solution.

Our International Apex Care Professionals 
can care for 
children ages 0-17.
View pre-screened, interview ready candidates at

Our American Apex Care Professionals 
can care for 
children and young adults of all ages.
View pre-screened, interview ready candidates at

Since 2008, Apex Social Group has been focused on providing live-in developmental care solutions for families, helping you optimize your child’s daily life and reach new milestones.
We believe the right family support providing continuity of care can have a significant effect on a child’s life and have a positive impact on how the entire family functions.

How does Apex Developmental Live-in Childcare Solution work for other parents?

- cerebral palsy - 

Meet Mira
Newton, MA

- chromosomal abnormality - 

Meet Devon
Newton, MA

- ADHD - 

Meet Griffin
Andover, MA

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